Live Computing Inc.



Live Computing Inc. is a privately held company located in Osaka, Japan, founded in September 2015.

Through the use of technology such as AR (Augmented Reality) and Location (GPS), we aim to provide services that stretches out to the actual world, and not lock users within the game itself.

This is why we named our company Live Computing, to show our vision to produce live interactive entertainment connecting with the real, physical world.

We also provide consultation to companies creating their own apps and games.

Mr Ishihara, the president of The Pokemon Company, used to say, “If you are interested in selling, you should work as a marketer. If you are interested in creating something, you should be a developer. But if you are interested in both, you should be a producer”.

The selling side and the development side used to work separately in the game console age. As a developer, after you finish your project it was all marketers job to sell the product.

But in the online, mobile world, you need to carefully design what to sell, at what price, and at which point within the game. The sell side and the develop side are no longer separate.

Our consultation covers both how to create and provide your service, as well as how to attract customers and earn enough profit to maintain the service. We believe our knowledge from the game industry can be effective to non-game apps and services, both B2C and B2B.

Live Computing Inc.


Since the rest of our web site is all in Japanese, please contact via email ( or the president’s twitter .
Thank you for your understanding.

About the President

Takashi Fujii founded Live Computing Inc. in 2015. Previously Fujii has worked at The Pokemon Company and Capcom, as a web marketer, event producer, and a game producer. His previous works include “ Pokemon Typing DS“(2011), and “Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition“(2015), among other mobile titles and temporary event attractions.