Live Computing Inc.



Live Computing Inc. is a privately held company located in Osaka, Japan, founded in September 2015.

We believe the next stage of video gaming will appear with the rise of cloud and streaming technologies. Unique and new experiences are made possible by streaming the game content and game play videos at the same time. New business models are likely to emerge, because these new services will cross the boundary of games, movies, live entertainment and social networks.

Though technical difficulties exist and the timing is important, we are planning services towards the cloud gaming era, and are open for possible partnerships with companies worldwide. Our team is small, but consists of industry professionals with development and marketing experiences in Japanese game publishers, such as The Pokemon Company and Capcom.

We are also sharing our ideas in our blog. Please feel free to contact us via our official twitter(@livecomputingjp) or our president(@takashi_fujii_e).

Live Computing Inc.


Since the rest of our web site is all in Japanese, please contact via email ( or the president’s twitter .
Thank you for your understanding.

About the President

Takashi Fujii founded Live Computing Inc. in 2015. Previously Fujii has worked at The Pokemon Company and Capcom, as a web marketer, event producer, and a game producer. His previous works include “ Pokemon Typing DS“(2011), and “Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition“(2015), among other mobile titles and temporary event attractions.